Cup Noodle game i ever played.

All the cool kids are doing it! This list is in no particular order because that would be impossible. This list has no requirements... These are simply the 5 games that I played the most of this year. I choose to do 5 instead of 10 because I feel like many top 10 lists are really just 5 games the author really loved and another 5 they felt bad not including on the list or rushed onto the list. I also tend to play tons of old games so if I ended up making this list longer it would turn into ‘my favorite games I played this year’. Each one of these has left an impact on me either through their game play,story,aesthetic or combination of all. Also please forgive the massive differences in image sizes used anddddd here we go:

1.Digimon Cyber Sleuth (Played on PS4 and Vita)

I have and always will be a huge Digimon fan and this game brought the franchise to a great new height for me. Originally released in March 2015 out East, the Western release wasn’t until February of this year. This story got pretty dark at times and had its highs and lows, but the highlight of this game was all in the battling and raising of the Digimon. There was a lot to wrap my head around when I first got into this game, but once I got a handle on how the systems worked, I loved it. I don’t even want to know how many hours I poured into this trying to get all of my favorites in my line up. I’m really looking forward to Digimon World: Next Order coming out early next year to do it all over again.

2.Dishonored 2 (PS4)

This game was everything I wanted it to be......which was more of the first game. More of everything from the first Dishonored....more characters, more powers, more enemy types, and more interesting environments. I love how they have made one of the best stealth games I’ve ever played and can play this game without ever being stealthy, take note america that is true freedom. And I feel that the amazing time travel mechanic deserves a special mention because that was just fantastic (No Titanfall did not do it better). Due to some PC issues (Ha.”Master Race”) and who knows what else this game didn’t do as well as I’d hoped. I hope we havn’t seen the last of the this series because I would love to see where they would go next with this.


3.Final Fantasy XV

Look at those bros...just broin out.


While this game certainly had its issues it was an amazing experience. On paper, an RPG about a couple of bros driving around in a car doesn’t really seem like it would be a great game. But it is. One of the most impactful games I have played in a while. After I finished this game I couldn’t get the ending out of my head for the next two weeks. I don’t have anything else to say because I’m sure everyone has already decided how they are going to feel about this game.




First and formost, I love a game that gives me double printed cover art. I mean look at that ^ its beautiful. I don’t even understand why they even printed the main cover. Second, this game was a masterpiece of guts and gore. I tend to have very ‘old school’ tastes when it comes to games and this game hit on almost every one of them. Fast paced? Check! Health kits? Check! Carry a shit ton of guns? Check! Bots in multiplayer?(*drool*) Check!. The way this game forced you to dive headfirst into the fight, explore for ammunition, and literally pull your enemies apart was extremely satisfying and a feeling I don’t really expect from an FPS anymore. It was good to have that feeling again.

5.World of Final Fantasy


I know, two Final Fantasy titles?!? MADNESS! This game is another title this year that really scratched that old school itch for me. The battle system in Final Fantasy XV left me wanting and this game filled that hole perfectly with its classic battle system. Now this title is certainly not for everyone, if I were pitching this game I would describe it as Final Fantasy and Pokemon have a baby. You’re going around capturing all these monsters from the Final Fantasy franchise and gathering classic heroes to aid you in battle as summons. The story and feel of the game is very reminiscent of older final fantasy titles (before Nomura takeover) with a heavy dose of cute. I mean an extremely heavy dose of cute. If you like Final Fantasy and maybe didn’t get what you wanted out of XV ( and don’t mind the cuteness) I highly recommend this title.

Honorable Mentions: TitanFall 2 and TRON Run/R