The best picture of the Sega Saturn Cover Art I could find.

A little backstory is necessary here, so a few months ago while browsing craigslist late into the night I came upon a stripped down Marvel vs Capcom 2 arcade cabinet for a mere $200. And by stripped I mean this cabinet was down to only the main coin-op section of the machine,the controls, and a loose marquee. The monitor and entire monitor housing portion of the machine were completely gone, but all of the original insides remained. The purpose for that backstory is that I’m using the machine and PC to play a plethora of 2D fighting games right now and its great. And this one particularly is one I’d like to shine a little light on.

Now this game may not sound familiar , but perhaps you have heard of the beat um up this was based off of, Armored Warriors. If not maybe you have heard of the much more popular Tech Romancer for Dreamcast that was essentially the 3D follow up to this title(LOOK AT ALL THIS HISTORY).

One of the things that make this game so interesting are the amount of options given to the player. You are able to choose not only what mech you want to fight with , but also which pilot you want to be inside of your mech. As you progress there are even more options for you to choose including swapping out the legs, arm sets, and weapons on your mech to affect your movement, melee, and attack capabilities. You can really customize your set up to match your style of play which is really cool, thats not something you were seeing a lot of in 1995. The console version of this game has a few more playable characters that were not available in the arcade version that I played so if anyone has the opportunity to play the Saturn version I’d be curious to know if these characters are just pilots or have other weapons and mechs.

Some cool Cyberbot art I ran into


Some of the original complaints I saw trying to hunt down some old reviews of this title where that the animation looked sub par. Keeping in mind that during the mid 90's Capcom was known for going all out in the 2D spirte animations in fighting games, I thought it was pretty good. There is so much detail in some of the mech attacks and personally I love it, but only because I’m a total nerd and want to see every little frame of detail I can out of a mech. I can see where someone who is more just a fan of fighters might find the animations a bit distracting.


If your a fan of 2D fighters or mechs I recommend checking this title out! If you are a MVC2 fan and love Jin as I do...also check him out because this is his game of origin.